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South Fremont topped Aberdeen 34-16 Friday to move the Cougars’ record to 3-0.

Easton Kerbs snagged an interception on the opening drive of the game to get the Cougars the momentum. South scored on the following possession.

South Fremont’s lead ballooned in the third quarter.

“To start the third quarter we wanted to come out and run the ball and Rylan Miller had a couple of really good runs and we were able to just kind of march down at the start of the third quarter and score,” said South Fremont head coach Chad.

South Fremont then stopped an Aberdeen drive that went down to the twenty where the Tigers turned the ball over on down.

Aberdeen then decided to send a corner blitz leaving Cooper Hurt open on quick fade route. Peebles slug the ball to Hurt who outran the defense for an 82-yard touchdown.

Aberdeen scored twice but both of their scores were in fourth quarter garbage time. Hill believes his defensive line provided the key to shutting down Aberdeen’s ground-based attack.

“I thought the defensive line played really well,” Hill said. “Especially up the middle. They couldn’t get a lot up the middle. They got a couple of counters on us and outside runs but we were real shutting them down up the middle.

T. Ross Rigby, Conner Pehl, Kash Purser, Carter Vining and Bryant Gonzalez all Contributed to the dominant defensive effort.

“I thought they played a great game last night,” Hill said. “They kind of controlled the run game all night long. And that’s what Aberdeen wants to do. They want to run the ball. We shut that down pretty much and they had to throw the ball. I thought our dbs were ready. We kind of got them in long yardage situations so we kind of knew when they were going to pass. Defensively we looked good. Especially up front.”

The Cougars only allowed 29 yards rushing and snatched two interceptions.

“They didn’t get many passes (completed),” Hill said. “I thought we had a pretty good game plan for their pass. Like I said, they want to run the ball so their passing game’s not real sophisticated so we has a pretty good game plan on how we wanted to cover that.”

In addition to Kerbs interception, linebacker Hunter Hobbs grabbed a one-handed interception in the fourth quarter that put a finishing touch on the all-but sealed game after the Tigers scored and recovered an onside kick early in the fourth.

“It was a pretty impressive play from his linebacker position,” Hill said. “He was kind of stumbling and he just stuck his hand up there and one hand. It was an impressive athletic catch. I wasn’t expecting that out of him.”

Peebles also grabbed a would-be interception but another defensive back was called for a penalty earlier in the play.

Peebles passed for 241 and three touchdowns. The Cougars ran for 126 yards on 24 attempts.

The Cougar will play the blue Cougars next week in Firth before starting the more difficult 3A portion of their schedule.