St. Anthony to hold 'Hometown Emporium' craft fair

The St. Anthony Chamber of Commerce is holding its "Hometown Emporium" on Saturday at South Fremont Jr. High School.

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The St. Anthony Chamber of Commerce is hoping to fill that gap created by cargo ships unable to deliver in time for Christmas by hosting its very first Hometown Emporium.

The emporium is scheduled from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Saturday at South Fremont Jr. High School. The event is free to residents. It’s being held to help residents purchase Christmas gifts for loved ones, said the chamber’s Sherri Jackson. Vendors aren't being charged to set up a booth. 

“There’s a great interest in what’s at home. I’m just all about helping our local community,” she said. “There are people who want to buy gifts, and there are people who have stuff to sell. It’s a win-win for both.”

Jackson said that having spent a significant amount of time with residents during various events, she’s learned that they have much to offer in the way of holiday presents.

“I just got tired of hearing ‘We can’t have Christmas because all of our Christmas gifts are stuck out in the ocean on those containers.’ We have plenty to offer from our hometown,” she said.

The idea behind the emporium is to give local crafters and home businesses the chance to shine, Jackson said.

Everything from artwork to jellies to baby needs will be available at the emporium.

“One of our local artists is an oil painter. She’ll take a clear white Christmas bulb and paint scenes on them. It’s highly detailed and intricate — it’s just amazing fine detail on such a little tiny thing,” Jackson said.

About 28 vendors have registered for a spot during the emporium. A member of the Cowboy Poets of Idaho, Jackson will be selling CDs and tapes recorded by 15 cowboy poets.

“That’s a unique item you don’t find every day,” she said.

The chamber’s secretary Rebecca Hendricks said that the emporium offers a way for St. Anthony’s home businesses to show what they have to offer.

“It’s a chance to help out stay-at-home moms, who craft, or people with small businesses that don’t have a traditional business front,” she said.

Hendricks said the emporium has generated a lot of interest.

“It’s exceeding our expectations. All of our booths filled up, and we had to add more,” she said.

And the best reason to attend?

“An emporium is like a popup mall. There’s a great variety of products and services available at the emporium for one day only,” she said.

For more information call the chamber at (208) 624-4870.