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POCATELLO — Two 17-year-old boys from Rexburg have been arrested after using teenage girls to lure a young Pocatello man out of his home and then pulling a shotgun on him regarding an alleged drug debt, Pocatello police said.

The incident occurred Saturday night when the two 17-year-old boys arrived outside the Pocatello man’s home on North Main Street in the Old Town area to confront him regarding $800 they said he owed them for marijuana, according to police. Four other Rexburg teens — two girls and two boys — were with the 17-year-olds at the time, police said.

Police said the two teenage girls lured the Pocatello man out of his residence, at which time the two 17-year-old boys armed with a shotgun ambushed him and demanded he pay them the $800.

The man then ran back inside his residence and dialed 911.

Pocatello police arrived at the scene and arrested the two 17-year-old teenage boys from Rexburg and charged them with aggravated assault.

The two teenage girls and two other teenage boys were taken into custody by Pocatello police at the scene, questioned and later released.

Police said they will not release the names of the Rexburg teens involved in the incident because they are all juveniles. The name of the Pocatello man who was the victim in the incident has also not been released by police.

Police said the shotgun wielded by the two 17-year-old boys was used to threaten the Pocatello man but was not fired. No one was injured during the incident, police said.

The two 17-year-old boys are currently being held in a Pocatello juvenile detention facility pending the adjudication of the charges against them.