Sugar-Salem's Joshua Rhoton and Teton's Bryan Olvera fight for the ball

Sugar-Salem’s Joshua Rhoton and Teton’s Bryan Olvera fight for the ball.

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Sugar-Salem’s boys’ soccer team is looking for another district title and they took a big step toward winning one Tuesday when they beat district rival Teton 3-0 in Driggs.

Sugar scored in the first minute of the game off of a free kick by Same Puzey that Scott Galbraith rebounded and tapped int.

“Going up like that real quick was nice,” said Sugar-Salem coach Glenn Dayley. “It’s always a challenge to play out in Teton. Their home field advantage is pretty strong because they have good fans out there. The fans are always loud.”

Jordan Dayley scored the Diggers second goal later in the second half off of a free kick.

“It was just a really nice free kick along the ground,” Dayley said. “He just sort of bent it around the wall. We just had an angle and just got it right off the edge of the crowd and it went straight back into the corner of the net and the keeper couldn’t get to it in time. Everybody jumped, they all thought he was going to go high but he went pretty low and hit right into the corner. That was a nice shot.”

After a little drought, Nathan Dayley kicked the ball ahead to Jordan Dayley but he couldn’t quite run it down then Scott Galbraith tracked it down and hit it into the goal.

Sugar’s defense had some stellar moments in the shutout.

“I think we played strong on the back line,” Dayley said. “(Teton) didn’t have many opportunities. They had some really good free kick opportunities off of fouls. Our keeper, Rylan Bean had to make some good saves on their free kicks, which were really good kicks. Other than that, they didn’t really have any opportunities to get goals in. I thought the boys played really well.”

Teton has been Sugar’s closest competitor in the district the last couple years. So sweeping Teton all but assures the Diggers the first seed in the district tournament later this month.

“(Beating Teton is) really big,” Dayley said. “They’ve been struggling this year. They’ve won some good games. They beat American Falls out there in Teton but then they’ve turned right around and lost to some teams I think they shouldn’t have lost to. I think they’re struggling with consistency. At least for the last few years they’ve always been the strongest in our district. I would predict that we’re going to play them again in the district championship.It’s not sealed yet. We’ll be in first place in the district. I think Teton will be in second or third place. Firth has kind of come on strong so Firth may end up in second and will play Teton in the first round and we would play South.”

Teton has become perhaps Sugar’s biggest rival in soccer.

“Teton’s always the one we get up for just because of their fans and the rivalry,” Dayley said. “Players get to know each other really well — probably too well and battle back and forth every year. So, it’s just really fun to play them. Our boys expect to beat them but they always know it’s going to be a hard game.”

Sugar will play Aberdeen today for senior night.

“Aberdeen is one of those teams that when you see them play and see their individual skill you think that they should be doing better than they are but for some reason they struggle to win the games,” Dayley said. “They are a good team we always have to work hard against them. I don’t know if we’ve ever lost to Aberdeen — at least not since I’ve been helping coach the last five years. But they’re a good team and they have some dangerous players. They play a pretty fast attacking team. It should be a good match for us.”