Junior defender Spencer Hunt kicks a ball in front of the goal.

Junior defender Spencer Hunt kicks a ball in front of the goal.

For the second time in many years, Sugar-Salem’s boys soccer team has qualified for the district VI championship game. The Diggers are hoping it turns out the same as last year when they beat Teton 5–0.

The Diggers didn’t score until the 30th minute but scored two more goals before the half.

“We knew they’d play really tough defense on the net like they did last week,” said Sugar-Salem assistant coach Glenn Dayley. “They pack it in really tight. So, we just tried to maintain ball control and hang on to the ball long enough to get a good shot off.”

Spencer Dayley hit an impressive goal from 30 or 35 feet out to make the score 3–0 going into the half.

“(Spencer’s goal) sort of surprised everybody right before the end of the half. He snuck it in with 20 seconds or so left,” Dayley said.

At halftime, Sugar’s coaching staff subbed in a plethora of players.

“In the second half, we jumped on them again and scored another couple goals,” Dayley said.

Junior midfielder Austin Hawkes scored one of the goals.

“It was nice to have Austin Hawkes score one,” Dayley said. “He’s not a normal starter for us. So, he made a good run to get up in position and had a good ball come in and was able to control it well and get a good shot in.”

Asa Hatch also scored two goals for the Diggers, and Jordan Dayley scored the other goal.

Sugar will play Teton in Sugar City on Wednesday for the district VI championship. This year, district VI only gets one seed in the championship game, so the loser of their title game will not qualify for the state tournament.

“Against Teton, our main thing will be to maintain control of the midfield,” Dayley said. “The back line will have to play really smart. Teton has quick counters, and they’re very good at trying to get those quick goals off of a couple mistakes from your team.”

The teams will match up at Firth High School at 4 p.m.

“Firth’s field is a little smaller than our home field, and it looks like the weather will be bad on Wednesday,” Dayley said. “Weird things always happen. We’re hoping for the best. We’ll give it our best shot and see if we can keep winning games.”