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Nearly three weeks ago, South Fremont played their first two official games of the Legion baseball season losing twice to Madison. Between those games and Friday’s games, Madison went 8-2 while the Cougars went 3-0.

In St. Anthony Friday, South Fremont swept Madison 5-3 and 8-7.

After a quick-scoreless inning-and-half, the Cougars struck first with three runs in the bottom of the second. Madison countered with two runs of their own in the top of the third but South struck again with another two runs in the fourth. Madison scored a run in the fifth but the Cougars held them scoreless in the final inning to win a close battle.

Bridger Eickson pitched all seven innings for the Cougars allowing four hits and three runs with five strikeouts and two walks.

Dylan Rydalch pitched five innings for the Cats allowing four hits and five runs with six strikeouts and four walks. Brendon Ball threw the other six pitches for the Cats.

South Fremont didn’t hit more than a single all game but timely hits by Erickson, Easton Kerbs, Sawyer Klingler and Seth Klingler along with Erickson and Bryson Forbush bases and a few walks the Cougars were able to go on the scoring runs that won them the game.

Kameron Kostial went 2/4 at the plate batted in all four of Madison’s runs. Carter Stapleman hit the lone double for the Cats.

The second game was even closer. Madison struck first with a run in the top of the first inning but South Fremont came roaring back with a five-run first inning. Madison scored two runs in each of the next two innings but South scored three more runs in the fifth to take a lead. Madison scored two runs in the sixth when they needed three runs.

Easton Stoddard pitched three innings for the Cougars, allowing five hits and five runs with two strikeouts and two walks. Sawyer Klingler pitched a little over three innings allowing three hits and two runs with five strikeouts and three walks.

Isaac Walker pitched an inning for Madison allowing two hits and five runs with one strikeout and four walks. Mason Flanary pitched four innings allowing six hits and three runs with four strikeouts and three walks. Landen Drake pitched one inning allowing no walks and no hits with two strikeouts and no walks.

Karter Yancey went 2/4 at the plate with a triple. Easton Kerbs went 3/4 at the plate and Kyler Yancey hit a double. Six different players batted in runs for the Cougars.

Kameron Kostial went 3/4 at the plate including two doubles batting in three of the runners. Kekoa Jensen went 2/3 at the plate and Stapleman hit a double.

South Fremont’s next games are a doubleheader Monday at home against the Kimberly Astros. Madison’s next games are against Kimberly AA at home.