South Fremont's Tyleigh Hill rises to strike the ball against Gooding in their state play-in game.

South Fremont’s Tyleigh Hill rises to strike the ball against Gooding in their state play-in game.

After winning their first play-in game against American Falls 4-1 South Fremont’s volleyball team rematched with the same team that knocked them out in the second play-in game last year and lost by the same set score, 3-2.

Set scores were: 25-19 South: 25-22 Gooding; 25-22 South; 25-23 Gooding; 15-9 Gooding.

“Every set kind of started with some nerves on both sides,” said South Fremont head coach Xavier Miranda. “It was more who is going to be more mentally tough this set. We kind of just traded off sets. They just kind of had the stronger mindset going into the fifth set.”

Miranda said that even though they lost by the same set score to the same team their failure to beat Gooding isn’t about their matchup with Gooding.

“A lot of it is I feel like I don’t prepare them enough,” Miranda said. “I just need to do more research and get them in the gym more in the offseason and just change up the way I’m teaching stuff. We always compete well it’s just a mindset thing. I’ve got to figure out how to get them over that hump.”

Miranda expects his team’s accomplishments this year to fuel future teams.

“We kind of talked about that afterward,” Miranda said. “A lot of people didn’t think that we were going to be at the stage were today just because we lost five last year. I’m proud of our seniors for laying the groundwork on what we wanted and where we wanted to be by the end of this year.”

Between players are on the team and players on the South’s junior high team the Lady Cougars look to have a promising future.

“Overall, it’s a pretty successful season,” Miranda said. “It’s a heartbreaker the way we lost, but I think those young ones will be fueled and amped up ready to go. Not only that, we have quite a few freshmen in our incoming classes who are pretty strong too.”