South Fremont middle blocker Aysiah Conger tips the ball over a Teton player's fingertips in the Lady Cougar's 3-2 win over Teton.

South Fremont middle blocker Conger tips the ball over a Teton player’s fingertips in the Lady Cougar’s 3-2 win over Teton.

South Fremont has hardly had a game this season where they’ve been able to play all of their starters. On Tuesday they almost did and it paid off. The Lady Cougars beat district rival Teton 3-2 Tuesday.

After losing the first two sets 25-23 and 25-20 South stormed back.

“They’re a good team,” said South Fremont head coach Xavier Miranda. “They’re pretty senior heavy. We overlooked them and we just didn’t approach the game the right way and follow the game plan the first couple of sets.”

The Lady Cougars won the final three sets 25-20; 25-20 and 15-9.

“We kind of settled down and got back into our groove and took the third and got some confidence back and then took the rest of the game,” Miranda said.

South Fremont is now 1-0 in their conference with another game against Teton and two games against Sugar-Salem in the next couple weeks.

“It’s a good win,” Miranda said. “It just kind of sets the pace of where we want to be at.”

Outside hitter Rylie Neville was key part of South Fremont’s win with 15 kills.

“Riley Neville stepped up pretty big,” Miranda said.

Outside hitter Tyleigh Hill put down eight kills and Aysiah Conger put down seven. Addi Hill led the Lady Cougars with 26 assists.

“I thought Addi Hill did well too in the setting position,” Miranda said. “She really spread the ball around and kept the offense pretty even in the kill category. It was nice to have a balanced offense.”

South Fremont was missing senior middle blocker Karlee Thueson was away with the state jr.miss/ distinguished young women program.

“We’re missing her,” Miranda said. “But we found a way through it. It was just a good win overall.”

Kaidre (Nagle) played one of her first games this season after sitting out with an injury for several weeks before coming last week.

“We’re still working on a few things,” Miranda said. “The confidence is coming and we’re starting to mesh a little better. It’ll be nice when we get our full team back again and we go up form here. We’ve had injuries and other commitments. Next week we’ll finally have our full team back for good. I’m hoping.”

South Fremont’s next game is against Snake River in Blackfoot.

“It’ll be a good match for us,” Miranda said. “We’re just going to work on controlling our side of the net and controlling the tempo of the game. We should be good from there.”