North Frermont’s volleyball team played several games last week including a tri-match against Butte and five games in the West Jefferson tournament this weekend.

North Fremont lost to Butte in four sets Thursday. Set score were 25-20; 25-23 (North win);25-22; 25-19.

“Defensively we really struggled coming out,” said North Fremont head coach Rochelle Hoffner. “We got a little stronger towards the end. We made progress defensively, but I feel like our defense wasn’t quite where it needed to be in the first match against Butte.”

Serving was a bright spot for the Lady Huskies.

“We did have some strong serving that match, our hitting was good,” Hoffner said. “It was just that our defense is what kind of killed us there.”

North lost a close battle with Teton in their tri meet. Set scores were 25-18; 25-22 (North win); 30-28; 25-20 (North win); 15-13.

“We made some minor adjustments and played them really well defensively,” Hoffner said. “That was a really close match. We went back and forth. Every set was close.”

Mariya Hoffner and Remi Litton each served five aces

“They served really well and really all my girls served fairly well,” Hoffner said. “We did have a few more serving errors than I would have liked in that one.”

Remi Litton and Kacie Anderson each scored seven kills and Graycee Litton and Mariya Hoffner each scored six kills.

“In that match we struggled a little at first,” Hoffner said. “We had to switch our lineup to a 5-1. One of our setters struggled a little so we had to make some quick adjustments. But, overall, I felt like we adjusted well.”

Passing is an area Hoffner feels her team could work on.

“Other than that, defensively we set up a block really well and we had a lot more digs in that match,” Hoffner said. “So, we’re making progress. We still have some things to work on.”

In the West Jefferson tournament the Lady Huskies played two sets against each of their opponents. They won two against Challis, Split with Salmon, Split with Clark and lost both to Soda Springs giving them the sixth seed out of 12 teams. In the tournament portion, North lost in two close sets to Ririe.

“Every match we just got a little stronger and a little better defensively,” Hoffner said. “My sophomores are improving quickly, which I think is helping us a lot because that’s a big adjustment; going from JV to varsity. I’m pleased with how quickly they’re improving.”

The Lady Huskies are without senior Dakotah Dexter after she subluxated her patella on the knee that ended her season last year. This injury is only expected to keep Dexter out a week or two.

North Fremont plays Butte again Wednesday this time in Arco after losing to them Thursday and beating them in the South Fremont’s Icebreaker tournament a week ago Saturday. North will then play Aberdeen Thursday after playing them tough in the Icebreaker tournament.

“I expect with some defensive adjustments we should go out and play them pretty tough,” Hoffner said.