North Fremont takes the ball upfield after catching a pass from Luke Hill.

North Fremont's  Bronson Childs takes the ball upfield after catching a pass from Luke Hill.

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Looks can be deceiving. Such was the case Friday when it looked like Soda Springs was going to be able to keep up with North Fremont in the first half but then the Huskies pulled away for 58-18 win.

The Cardinals struck first after completing several short passes that turned into longer gains. That, however, was the last time they would lead as the Huskies scored on the next possession and hammered in a two-point conversion.

Soda continued to score throughout the first half and North Fremont went into halftime up two.

“We had a little bit of trouble with their spread pass,” North Fremont head coach Ben Lenz said of the first half. “We just couldn’t get them out on fourth down on a couple of big plays they converted on us.”

In the second half, North received the kickoff, drove down the field for a score and stopped Soda scoreless on back to back possessions

“We got them to punt in that third quarter and then momentum stayed on our side,” Lenz said.

North Fremont continued to score then defensive back Luke Hill hauled in an interception late in the fourth quarter to seal the game before the Huskies scored one final time.

As is customary for the Huskies they rushed for almost 400 yards. Jordan Lenz led the way with twelve carries for 124 yards and five touchdowns and AJ Hill added nine carries for 113 yards.

“He’s just gotten better and better,” Lenz said. “With all our backs they have their own strengths that they bring and he has some power along with speed and hitting the hole hard.”

Wheeler added seven carries for 66 yards, Mark Huttinger added five carries for 53 yards and a touchdown and Carson Packer added four carries for 27 yards.

Hill passed for 132 yards including two completions to tight end Bronson Childs for 72 yards and a 60-yard completion to Jordan Lenz.

For the third year in a row, North Fremont finds themselves in the 2A semifinals added additional evidence to the argument that the Huskies are more than just a regular season team.

“Our kids look forward to the state playoffs,” Hill said “Getting to play at home was an advantage for us. We get another one next week so they’re just trying to carry on with the big expectations. I’m just glad to be part of the culture that’s been here as of late.”

North Fremont will rematch with Nuclear Conference rival Firth next week after beating them a couple of weeks ago.