North Fremont catcher Remi Litton stands ready for the ball at home plate as a Soda Springs player slides into home.

North Fremont catcher Remi Litton stands ready for the ball at home plate as a Soda Springs player slides into home.

North Fremont’s softball team played three times over the weekend splitting the games 2-1. After one of their toughest games of the season against Soda Springs, the Lady Huskies bounced back Saturday to beat Ririe soundly then eeked out a victory over Bear Lake.

The Lady Huskies went back forth with Soda Springs in the first six innings and took a 7-6 lead into the final inning but allowed 13 runs in the final inning and their typical prolific offense never found enough traction to keep up.

Dexter pitched the first five innings and allowed six hits for six runs with four strikeouts and nine walks.

Late in the sixth, North Fremont put in Kenadee Bohn neither her nor Mariya Hoffner who replaced Bohn in the seventh could get a strikeout so Dexter came back in and finished off the game.

Dakotah Dexter and Brailynn Watson each went 2/3 at the plate with a double. Remi Litton went 2/4 with a triple. Bohn also went 2/4 and Hoffner went 2/3.

North then beat Ririe 23-13 Saturday morning. The Lady Huskies started out hot behind the plate with nine runs in the first inning then held on to their large lead by consistently scoring 2-4 runs in every other inning but the fifth.

Remi Litton had another big day going 5/6 at the plate with a home run for 8 RBIs with two stolen bases. Taylyn Cordingley also went 5/6 highlighted by a triple and a double. Addy Cherry, Brenlee Cherry, Dexter and Watson also hit doubles. Grace Baum led the Lady Huskies with three stolen bases.

Bohn pitched five innings allowing 13 hits for 11 runs with four strikeouts and six walks. Hoffner pitched two innings allowing four hits for two runs with no strikeouts and one walk.

North Fremont won their game that afternoon over Bear Lake 8-7. After trailing for most of the game, North scored six runs in the final two innings including two runs they scored on a Mariya Hoffner walk-off single.

Hoffner also led North Fremont in hitting going 3/5 at the plate. Grace Baum went 2/3 with a double and Remi Litton went 2/4. Sheylaci Gunnell also hit a double and Brailynn Watson went 2/4 and had the team’s lone triple.

Dexter pitched all seven innings allowing six hits for seven runs with five strikeouts and seven walks.

North Fremont’s next game is Tuesday vs. Thunder Ridge in Ashton.