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Madison held their first ever Battle of the Best Volleyball tournament Friday at Madison High School. Against seven of the best teams in the state Madison came in second behind Bonneville.

“It was awesome. It turned out really good,” said Madison head coach Meranda Maestas. “There were just seven teams that came but it was seven of the top teams from the state. We ended up losing the Championship to Bonneville.”

The tournament started out with a round robin round where each team faced off with every other team either on Friday afternoon/evening or Satruday morning.

Madison beat Lake City 3-0, lost to Century 2-1, Beat Skyview 2-0, Beat Timberline 2-0, beat Thunder Ridge 2-1 and lost to Bonneville 0-2.

In the first round of the single-elimination tournament Saturday Madison beat Skyline 25-19; 25-9. Then Madison took out district rival Thunder in close semifinal match, winning the first set 25-18, losing the second set 25-20 and winning the final set 15-12.

“Thunder was playing pretty good and we didn’t have our best game,” Maestas said. “It was a little stressful there trying to get to the Championship game. I felt once we kind of focused in we started playing our game a lot better and got some big swings at the end of the game that gave us the win. I was happy with how we finished.”

After nine games in two days, the Lady Bobcats came into the championship drained.

“By the time we got to the championship we were very tired,” Maestas said. “We kind of got beat pretty good in that game. Bonneville just looked amazing. We were swinging and we just couldn’t get a ball down on them.”

Madison lost 10-25; 17-25 in the final game.

“We just kind of ran out of energy,” Maestas said. “They’re just a frustrating team to play because they’re so good at defense they just start digging up everything you’re trying to put down on them. We just got a little frustrated and definitely didn’t play our best game.”

Despite the Bobcats running the tournament for the first time, Maestas felt like the tournament went smoothly.

“I thought it went really well,” Maestas said. “The other coaches that were there seemed to really like it. They liked that it was such high-level play, which I was nervous about that many good teams and that many games. There were a lot of games for having it just be two days but I think everybody really liked it. With good competition it was good to see where everybody sits, for the most part, in the state. It went smoothly and I definitely think we’ll be doing it again.”

Madison’s next game is Thursday vs. Highland in Rexburg. Madison is 3-0 in their district this year including a 3-0 victory over Highland in Pocatello last week.

“They were a really scrappy team,” Maestas said. “They played really good defense. I’m just excited to get to play another district game and see where we’re at in the district.”