On Wednesday Madison outside hitter Bayley Petterson signed her letter of intent to play at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming.

Northwest is college in flux with newly hired head coach Scott Keister who comes over from Salt Lake Community College where he worked for seven years as an assistant coach.

Peterson was a priority for the new coach and he called and offered her on his first day on the job.

Petterson and Keister had already built a relationship from Petterson’s visit to SLCC.

“He’s super nice and super fun and I really like his liked his coaching style,” Petterson said. “He’s probably one of my favorite coaches that I talked to. So, that was a major influence on my decision to transfer there. The first day he got there he offered me. I like him a lot.”

When Peterson went on her visit to Northwest she was able get a glimpse into what student life is like for a Trapper and she liked it.

“It’s pretty small but it’s kind of spread out so it kind of looks like a University,” Petterson said. “Not the one building college kind of thing. The class sizes are really small and so you pretty much just know everyone on campus. That’s one thing that I liked about it.”

Petterson liked the feel of the town and the people there.

“I like the community a lot,” Petterson said. “It’s an LDS community so that was another major influence for me to go there. I just liked the overall feeling about it and I had a good feeling about it when I went there. The people are super nice and I have family there too.”

Petterson’s visit wasn’t a typical one in a lot of ways because Keister is rehauling the team so many of the current players are pretty new and developing. So much so that Petterson looks to be one of the better players right away. She’ll like step into a starting role right away.

Petterson was also pursued by Westminster College in Utah, Dason Community College in Montana as well as a college in Anchorage Alaska, a college in Walla Walla University in Washington and John Wood College in Illinois.

After not knowing if she would play college volleyball at all months ago, Petterson is ready to put her all in for Northwest College.

“I’m super excited,” Peterson said. “A couple of months ago I wasn’t going to play and then I decided I want to play and I’m super excited to continue playing. I hope that after my two years at Northwest that I’ll transfer to another school to keep playing.”