Madison boys soccer play-in

Madison’s boys soccer team gathers for a photo after beating Boise 4-3 in their state play-in game in Burley.

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After a year away from the state tournament, Madison beat Boise 4-3 in double overtime in Burley Saturday to punch their ticket to the state tournament. The Bobcats won the game on an Adam Hernandez penalty kick awarded in the sixth minute of double overtime.

“It was awesome,” said Madison head coach Dan Dummar. “It was kind of a high-drama game.”

The weather changed throughout the game.

“It was kind of a crazy game,” Dummar said. “The weather was crazy. It started lightning so the game was delayed for an hour. It just kind of calmed down then it started snowing then it stopped snowing. It was kind of an amazing game.”

Tanner Hall scored the first goal of the game giving Madison 1-0 lead going into halftime.

Boise tied the game up at 1-1 in the eighth minute of the second half.

Tanner Averill scored on a header off of a corner kick minutes later to give Madison a 2-1 lead. Then Jeron Mouser scored on a kick just outside the 18” making it 3-1.

Boise 10 minutes later making it 3-2 then got a penalty kick awarded and converted to tie it up at 3-3.

Teams went into overtime and then into double overtime. In the sixth minute of the second overtime Adam Hernandez kicked in the left corner to win the game for Madison and send them to state.

“Any time you hit a penalty in that kind of situation, it is tons of pressure and you have a tendency to overkick it or try and change your mind and overthink it,” Dummar said. “We practiced that quite a bit and it was just following through and directing as opposed to kicking it hard with tons of power. It’s just being smart about it and not trying to second guess yourself. That’s what (Adam) did and hit right to the left corner and game over.”

Going into their district tournament, Boise was 17-0 and they heavily favored to beat Madison but somehow Madison believed..

“We worked a lot on mental focus, visualization, positive self talk, mental toughness,” Dummar said. “I’m glad that they figured it out at the right time.”

Madison will play Coeur d’alene in the first round of the state playoffs at 11:30 on Thursday. Coeur d’alene is 10-2-1 on the season and Madison is 10-8-0.

“They are the number one seed from the northern district of four teams,” Dummar said. “It’s a very similar conference as ours in terms of size. Sometimes they can put out some great teams and sometimes they don’t. We are very confident about our chances in the tournament. I think we have a great path and we’re riding high on the win against Boise and I think we’re very confident about our prospects. We’re excited.”