Newly-hired Madison football coach Chandler Rhoads, his wife and two children pose for a family photo.

Newly-hired Madison football coach Chandler Rhoads, his wife and two children pose for a family photo.

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Madison School District #321 announced Wednesday morning that they’ve hired Chandler Rhoads to replace Mitch Buck as Madison High School head football coach.

Rhoads coached with the Bobcats for the last two years and teaches special education at Madison High School. He spent a year as the head Junior Varsity coach before working with varsity offensive skill players last season.

“We are super excited for him to take over and kind of lead us in a new direction with his enthusiasm,” said Madison Athletic Director, Shayne Proctor. “He has a drive for each individual kid and he really wants to make players out of them.”

The newly-named football coach, spent two years in the same position at another Madison, Madison County High School in Madison, Virginia before moving to Rexburg. In those two seasons, Rhoads’ Mountaineers went 5-15

After resigning from his post in Virginia, Rhoads moved to Rexburg to be closer to his parents who had moved to the city a year earlier.

“I was looking to be closer to family,” Rhoads said. “A lot of my family moved out this way. My wife and I were kind of the only ones left in Virginia so we kind of made a big move.”

Proctor said Rhoads is a good fit for the football team for what he’s going to do for them both on and off the field.

“He’s going to be highly visible,” Proctor said. “He’s going to know each kid. He’s out and about attending different events not just at the school but in the community. He’s really excited to work with each individual athlete. Not just the football players. He’s been in the weight room with different programs working with individuals that just want to get better.”

Rhoads is excited for the opportunity to teach a group of players who he feels have a good energy, enthusiasm and competitive drive.

“I just love coaching these kids,” Rhoads said. “I really feel like this is a great community and a great place to be. I just want to do my part to build the football program here, to get the community excited again and get the kids excited about being part of football. I think there’s no better place to do it than at Madison.”

The transition could take some getting used to after Mitch Buck coached Madison for 19 of the last 20 seasons including the last 12 seasons.

“We expect good things [from Rhoads],” Proctor said. “Change Is hard. He’s the right guy to lead us to where we want to go, to get us back to being competitive every week and teaching the kids the right way to play. We’re really excited for him to take over and get this [this program] going.”