This story was meant to run in Standard Journal’s Fall Sports Preview on August 30, but due to a production error was left out. We apologize for any inconvenience.

South Fremont’s volleyball team is two years removed from a district title and a second-place finish in the state tournament. The team is hardly recognizable from two years ago but that doesn’t mean they don’t bring something special to the table.

Lady Cougars head coach, Xavier Miranda said his team is an intense group of girls and their motto this year, “come at us,” fiercely communicates that attitude.

“We want your best competition and we’re going to give you our best competition,” Miranda said. “Competing with that competition is where we want to be in the long run. We obviously want to be in the state tournament. So, that’s going to be what we’re going to work for.”

South Fremont returns three starters: Tyleigh Hill, Karlee Thueson and Kaidree Nagle.

“They put in a good amount of time this summer and they’ve improved their game quite a bit,” Miranda said. “I’m excited to see what they can do on the court.”

Nagle will return at libero/ defensive specialist this season.

“She’s definitely improved some of her overall fundamental skills and reading of the game,” Miranda said. “I’m excited to see what she can do. She’s a very defensive base and she doesn’t let a ball drop.”

Tyleigh Hill will return at outside hitter.

“She’s a very consistent hitter,” Miranda said. “She’s put some power on her swing this year. Her overall knowledge of the game is improving. Her back row defense and passing has all gotten better. She brings a lot of leadership and energy to the game.”

Thueson will return at middle blocker.

“She’s improved quite a bit too,” Thueson said. “Her blocking and overall hitting has improved tremendously. She’s starting to get up a little bit higher too. She’s putting some power on her swing as well. Her overall defense and knowledge of the game has improved. I’m excited to see what she can do. She brings a lot of leadership to the court too.”

Hill’s younger sister, Addison will start at setter.

“She went down and played club this past spring and winter and she’s improved quite a bit,” Miranda said. “Her knowledge of the game is pretty strong and she adds some leadership and intensity to the group. I’m excited to see what she can do.”

Josee Angell will also play defensive specialist on the back row.

“She’s a very competitive player and she’s a very skilled base and she just loves to go after every ball,” Miranda said. “She’s very intense and brings a lot to the floor.”

Rylie Neville will start at the secondary outside hitter spot.

“She has a lot of spring in her and she can elevate and is starting to develop some power in her swing,” Miranda said. “She’s very consistent. Her personality on the court is very contagious and she can bring a team together. She enjoys the game and enjoys being out there.”

Aysiah Conger is another middle blocker for the Lady Cougars.

“She’s improved quite a bit too,” Miranda said. “She’s starting to get her swings down, starting to get her timing down. Her confidence is starting to come along. I expect to see quite a few swings from her in the middle.”

Baliee Crapo and Cassidy Carpenter will trade off at right side hitter.

“They’re both pretty consistent hitters,” Miranda said. “Their attitudes are great. They’re very intense and they want to win.”

Olivia LeCheminant graduated and left a void that not just one player will be able to fill this year.

“We’re definitely going to be a lot more balanced,” Miranda said. “We have the ability to spread it around a little more. We have a couple more players who can hit consistently. A lot of it is going to be our defense is going to pick up a lot of stuff and we’re going to find ways to score.”

South Fremont may be young but that doesn’t change their goal.

“We want to be a top contender,” Miranda said. “That’s kind of what we strive for every year.”

The Lady Cougars should be entertaining this season.

“This is going to be a very fun group,” Miranda said. “A very loud group. A very intense group and they’re going to be fun to watch.”