Second Helpings Thrift Store reopens, is accepting donations

Family Crisis Center Service and Intern Coordinator Marie Harris shows some of the items now available at the center’s Second Helpings Thrift Store. The store recently reopened and is accepting donations.

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The Second Helpings thrift store is now accepting donations.

The store is located on the first floor of the Family Crisis Center at 16 E. Main Street in Rexburg. Those with items they’d like to donate to the facility may leave them at the Family Crisis Center’s back door.

Second Helpings Thrift Store was closed for about three months due to concerns over COVID-19. It reopened earlier this month and is looking to restock its inventory, said the center’s Service and Intern Coordinator Marie Harris.

“We’re ready to take donations and to fill it up. Our store is doing OK, but we can definitely use some more donations,” she said.

Any clothing that has holes or stains on it or any item that is broken won’t be accepted, Harris said.

“We don’t have a way to wash those or to fix those,” she said.

The thrift store sells gently used items and brand new products.

“When we get donations with tags on, we put them in the Little Bargain Boutique Area,” Harris said.

The store carries just about everything and currently has clothing, books, toys, kitchen utensils, and yarn available for purchase.

All the money raised via the thrift store profits goes directly to the Family Crisis Center to cover the cost of its various programs.

“It’s our main source of fundraising outside of the federal and state grants we’re given. It’s an important part of the crisis center,” she said.

Harris said that money generated from Second Helpings Thrift Store may be used by Family Crisis Center officials for anything that the center needs.

“It’s considered non-discretionary funding. If our shelter is full, we pay for a hotel room for our client. If a client needs a bus ticket to California, we use thrift store money to pay for that. If we need new items for the shelter, we can use those funds,” she said.

Jilinda Wray, who serves as a victim’s advocate at the center, said that business at the thrift store has been good since the thrift store reopened.

“It’s been busy,” she said.

Every week, Second Helpings Thrift Store offers a different sale. This week it offered 50% off on hats. Next week it plans a similar sale for accessories and shoes.

The Family Crisis Center’s Victims’ Needs Coordinator Kristy Bradshaw said she hopes the store gets busier and busier once word gets out that it’s reopened.

“Our regulars are for sure coming back,” she said. “We’re excited to be opened up again.”

Harris urged everyone to take advantage of what Second Helpings Thrift Store has to offer as the money goes toward a good cause.

“We want people to come and shop,” she said.

For more information on the thrift store call 208-356-0065.