sugar vote

Sugar City voters gathered at the Sugar City Fire Station to vote in the 2019 Elections. All Sugar City council member seats and the mayor position were up for election this year. 

The Standard Journal will continue to update this story as the results come in for the Madison County 2019 Elections. Bellow are how many votes each candidate has acquired. 


Rexburg- Jerry Merrill for mayor, Bryanna Johnson for council, Tisha Flora for council, and Jordan Busby for council. 

Sugar City- Steve Adams for mayor, Joy Ball for council (4 years), Steve Davis for council(4 years), Connie Fogle for council(2 years), Catherine Nielsen for council(2 years). 



Jerry Merrill (Incumbent): 1,383

Travis Brown: 590

City Council 4 years

Tisha Flora (Incumbent): 1,609

Jordan Busby (Incumbent): 1,443

Bryanna Johnson: 1,494

Robert Chambers: 1,325



David Ogden (Incumbent): 186

Steven Adams: 389

City Council 4 years

Brent Barrus (Incumbent): 247

Joy Ball: 300

Steve Davis: 295

L. Gene Jeppson: 253

City Council 2 years

Connie Fogle: 406

Clyde Haacke: 171

Catherine Nielsen: 260

DeVerl Stoddard: 237