Kay woodcock

Kay Woodcock being interviewed by media at the Standard Journal.

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REXBURG — News agencies from across the country descended upon Rexburg on Thursday to see if Lori and Chad Daybell would comply with a court order to physically present their children to the Idaho Department of Welfare in Rexburg, Idaho, or to the Rexburg Police.

The couple did not appear and neither did their children.

However, J.J. Vallow’s grandparents Larry and Kay Woodcock were in Rexburg waiting for news of the children’s whereabouts.

Kay Woodcock held a 5 p.m. press conference at the Standard Journal once it was clear the Daybells were a no-show.

“Lori hasn’t come to Rexburg, the kids haven’t been delivered. It’s 5 o’clock and it’s the deadline for the court order,” Woodcock said.

She said she doesn’t know what will happen next but that it is in the judge’s hands. She said that all she and Larry can do now is hope that all of this will get the Daybells’ attention.

“How do you not have them (the children) for four months?” Woodcock said.

Woodcock said the only word she can use to describe Lori is a “monster.”

When asked if she was still optimistic about the children being alive Woodcock said that she is “a lot less optimistic at this moment.”

Woodcock said she and her husband are able to deal with this by being optimistic and holding on to hope. She said they will keep hoping the children are alive until they see proof that says otherwise.

Woodcock said the Daybells are still in Hawaii and are “probably sitting on the beach somewhere while we’re here wondering where the kids are.”

Woodcock said she and her husband are confident that law enforcement is doing everything it can to find the children. Kay said she spoke with police Thursday about a number of things and some of it can’t be shared.

When asked if she was surprised about Lori not showing up Thursday evening Woodcock said she wasn’t.

“Lori’s not gonna make this easy,” she said. “She’s got an end game in her head, it’s not a game and obviously she thinks it is. That smug attitude she had,(in Hawaii) that’s what really let me know that she’s not gonna do anything unless she is forced to do it.”

When asked if she knew where the kids could be Woodcock said she didn’t know.

“I know (Lori) doesn’t have them,” Kay said. “I pray that they’re with a family somewhere that is taking care of them emotionally... and in other ways... The fact that she put them in some strangers home... They’re not with our family.”

Woodcock said she has considered filing for custody of J.J.

Near the end of the press conference, Woodcock, responding to a reporter’s question, said she knew of proof that Lori was having an affair with Chad, which is a claim she’d made in other interviews. When asked what exactly that proof was, Woodcock said that her brother, Lori’s former husband Charles Vallow, found email messages from Lori to Chad with a video of Lori dancing.

At the time Woodcock told Charles “If they’re not having an affair they’re going to.”

Woodcock said she hasn’t spoken to Chad’s children but felt very sorry for what they’re going through. When asked if she thought Chad was in any danger Woodcock said he might be.

“If I was Chad, I’d be sleeping with one eye open, she’s a black widow,” Kay said.

Woodcock said that she and her husband will be staying Rexburg until Saturday. She said that if they hear of any news she will be here to confront Lori. When asked what she would say if she was face to face with Lori, Woodcock said: “show me the kids, show me the kids, show me the kids.”

The family is still committed to offering a reward to anybody who can tell them where J.J. and Tylee are. Anyone with information should call 1-800-843-5678 or visit the family’s website at findjjandtylee.com or contact the police at 208-359-3008. is the correct? Website says 208-359-3008