Steve Adams

SUGAR CITY − Sugar City voters have elected Steven Adams as their new mayor.

“I am very grateful for the support and look forward to working with a great city council. I would also like to congratulate all those who ran,” Adams said. “I believe the campaign was good for the city.”

This election comes on the heels of three years of controversy where the city had three council members resign on the same night resulting in every council seat being open for election. The controversy resulted from lawsuits surrounding Old Farm Estate’s Division Three.

In his answers for the Standard Journal Election Questionnaire, Adams spoke of how he hoped to help the city heal deep wounds from the Old Farm Estates issue.

”Healing will come as we move forward tackling our issues as a community,” Adams said. “I remember when city council members had quite intense debates with incredibly stark opinions, and then afterward, met as friends over a burger and milkshake. Recognizing our differences, allowing each voice to be heard, ensuring legal and open process is followed, then, making decisions informed by the best information available. That simple formula allows us to handle the tough issues with a desire to do the best we can, maintain our respect and collegiality with each other, and be cohesive as a community.”

Adams acquired 389 votes to current Mayor David Ogden’s 186 votes.

Those who won the city council 2 and 4 year terms include Joy Ball, Steve Davis, Connie Fogle, and Catherine Nielsen.

Here are the council results:

Four Year Term

Joy Ball: 300

Brent Barrus: 247

Steve Davis:295

L. Gene Jeppson: 253

Two Year Term

Connie Fogle: 406

Clyde Haacke: 171

Catherine Nielsen: 260

DeVerl Stoddard: 237