Potato field

ASHTON – North Fremont students’ spud harvest has been moved up a week.

The Fremont School District announced that it has rescheduled North Fremont’s annual harvest to September 23, and it will continue through October 4. Originally it was slated to start September 30.

“We had a couple of board members who had requests to move it up for North Fremont,” said the district’s Human Resources official Jamie Hymas.

Hymas reported that seed potato farmers had requested the change recently.

“They want the potatoes smaller,” she said.

South Fremont High School’s spud harvest will start as originally scheduled on September 30, Hymas said.

Madison School District’s spud harvest starts September 26 and continues through October 7.

Madison High School Principal Mike Bennett said that the harvest remains unpredictable at times, so students may wind up working in the potato fields at other times this fall.

“If we have high school students working in the harvest, they can get a work release, so they don’t have those absences count against them,” he said.

The Sugar-Salem School District, spud harvest remains scheduled at its original time starting September 30 and continuing through October 11.

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