Fremont County School Superintendent Byron Stutzman announced Sunday night that snowy weather has cancelled school for Monday.

“Both Highway 33 and 32 are closed. Our worry is that roads won’t be open in time for us to run the buses first thing in the morning,” he said.

Stutzman thanked road crews for doing a good job on the roads, but with winds continuing to blow, the roads may not be open in time for school in the morning.

Whether school continues on Tuesday depends on road conditions, Stutzman said. Parents have been notified via a robo call and Facebook.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office reported that the Sugar-Salem School District will be delayed by two hours on Monday morning because of snowy weather.

Madison County School District Superintendent Geoffrey Thomas reported Sunday night that school will continue tomorrow. 

"Yes, at this stage we are open. Hopefully, the road crews are able to get out early tomorrow morning," he said. 

The Standard Journal will update this story as more information is made available.