Adrian Baird

Adrian Bard is a retired professor from Chattanooga State Community College and Brigham Young University-Idaho with 28 years of teaching experience. He served in the military for 13 years as an officer, and has worked in industry for many years. He has served on the Madison County Republican Central Committee for almost 6 years, and currently serve as MCRCC chairman. He is a grandparent and great-grandparent.

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The citizens of Idaho are facing a serious challenge. One that has very far reaching consequences for individuals and families. The legalization of marijuana (Idaho Medical Marijuana Act) will be detrimental to the health and well-being of citizens of this state.

The following local organizations stand opposed to this act:

  • The Madison County Republican Central Committee,
  • The Madison County Sheriff’s Department,
  • The Madison County Republican Women’s Club
  • The Rexburg Police Department,
  • Idaho for Healthy Kids and Communities (

A review of the detrimental impact legalization of marijuana has had in neighboring states demonstrates the potential for serious adverse consequences on Idahoans, especially our youth. The negative impact outweighs any perceived benefits! (See website)

Some of the documented undesirable consequences stemming from the legalization of marijuana include:

  • An increase in emergency hospital visits for marijuana toxicity, especially by youth.
  • Young children getting into food products containing higher potency marijuana causing toxicity health issues
  • A significant increase in mental health problems stemming from the use of marijuana.
  • A new stronger variety of marijuana is leading to severe addiction problems.
  • Once legal, purchasing the more potent variety through a dispensary becomes easier.
  • It is cheaper to buy unlicensed black market marijuana off the street.
  • Legalization does not drive drug traffickers out of business.
  • An increase illegal drug usage.

Medical marijuana is not purchased from legitimate legal pharmacies. Instead, it is sold in dispensaries by “budtenders” with generally little or no legitimate medical training. The products sold will be virtually indistinguishable from those sold in recreational marijuana outlets with products often contained in mason jars labeled as Green Crack, Purple Haze, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, and AK-47.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare will be required to create a massive new bureaucracy in order to oversee the manufacturing, processing, transportation and legal distribution of large quantities of marijuana grown in warehouses and homes, and sold in marijuana dispensaries.

The Idaho Medical Marijuana Act places NO limits on:

  • The quantity of marijuana grown, processed or distributed in Idaho.
  • The number of marijuana manufacturing operations and dispensaries.
  • The location of marijuana manufacturing operations (except near schools).
  • The location of marijuana dispensaries (except near schools).
  • Restrictions of marijuana grown in residences near schools. There are none.
  • The form of marijuana products – cookies, brownies, suckers, candy, drinks, gummy bears, and other food items which will be sold in communities.
  • The potency of marijuana. Dispensaries will be allowed to sell products containing very high concentrations of THC (the active ingredient which produces a high). Compared to marijuana typically used prior to the commercialization of marijuana (less than 5%) these products may contain over 90% pure THC.

We call upon all Idaho legislators (indeed all Idahoans) to stand up and oppose the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act. We strongly implore all Idahoans to NOT sign the marijuana ballot initiative petition which would put the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act on the 2020 November Ballot.