Dear Editor;

For the past year I have been proud to serve as Miss Madison for Madison High School. Even though I am now pursuing my education at a University in Utah, I am a Bobcat through and through.

When I entered the Miss Madison program, I selected as my platform, voting awareness and the need for each us as citizens to take every opportunity to vote in every election.

November 5, 2019 is Election Day for Rexburg and Sugar City, City Council and Mayor Seats. I urge everyone, young and old, no matter what candidate or positions you hold on the issues, to proudly, and unitedly stand up together, and be a voter!

Voting is not just a duty; it is a right and privilege that our Constitution gives us. I would urge all our citizens (to) make voting a habit and use the ballot box to make your voice known.

Again, thank you for letting me use my voice as Miss Madison to promote importance of voting. An issue I am passionate about.

Avery Stoddard

Miss Madison 2019