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Jerry Merrill

REXBURG — The results are in and Jerry Merrill has been re-elected as Rexburg’s mayor. The results technically are not official until the votes are canvased by the Madison County commissioners but Merrill’s win was by a wide margin, 1,383 to 590.

Merrill said he was glad the race is over but happy how it turned out.

”I’d like to congratulate Travis on a good race and working hard to get his message out,” he said.

When asked what he plans to do during his first 100 days of 2020 Merrill said he and the city will continue to work on downtown redevelopment, which he hopes to get done sometime around next summer.

”We’re very excited to get on with our work and continue with interesting things going on in Rexburg,” Merrill said.

He said that city leaders plan to make an entrepreneurial ecosystem that encourages new business growth.

Merrill said they have considered how to make the city government’s dealings more transparent and are working on a way to livestream council meetings with a low impact on the city’s budget. He said the new city website is scheduled to go live Wednesday and hopes that it will be more user friendly and help citizens be more informed.

Brown, a supervisor for Facilities Management at Brigham Young University-Idaho and manager for the Rexburg Farmers Market, ran a campaign centered around transparency, road maintenance, and a promise to donate part of his salary for city improvements.

”I think our campaign did everything we could,” Brown said. “We knew the biggest hurdle was getting voters to the polls and voter turnout in Rexburg has been on the decline and I hope that changes. I congratulate Jerry on his success and I hope to help the community in any capacity that will help the city reach its potential.”

Merrill said he would like to thank the citizens of Rexburg who came out to vote and not just the ones who voted for him.

”I’m glad that they took part of the process, that’s what makes America great. We’re open to new ideas,” he said.