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Dear Editor, 

Most of those who have so much to say against Mayor Ogden have not talked with him about the issues. They only talk about him and repeat incorrect hearsay. Please talk with him. He does listen. 

Talk to our city public works director, talk to our city clerks, those who work with Mayor Ogden on a daily basis. Find out why they appreciate working with him. Talk with the current city council members to find out how they feel about working with Mayor Ogden. 

We need to continue the good working relationship that Mayor Ogden has established with the leaders of our surrounding communities. We need his many years of experience. We need his time, that as a retired individual he has to give, to serve the many unexpected, unscheduled needs that continually come up to the office of Mayor. We need to re-elect Mayor Ogden. Please vote to re-elect David Ogden. 

-Mary Lou Wilding