Dear Editor,

Why so much discontent in America today? We have safety, health, protection, from our state of the art military. We enjoy a high degree of liberty, freedom, and the freedom to express our thoughts and feeling. We have an abundance of all varieties of foods, clothing of all types including colors and styles. We can study any subject we desire, we can worship what, and where. The internet has opened up information once only stored in libraries that were scattered and hard to access. We can enhance our interests on any subject. We can travel where we want, how we want, and can enjoy entertainment brought into our living rooms. We can study philosophies from all parts of the world of all races, creed, and beliefs.  We can view historical documents written thousands of years ago with copies at our fingertips through electronic technology.  Words and definitions are available in many languages with synonyms and antonyms that gives expanded meanings.  We can google almost any place on earth and go there through the internet that allows pictures of lands and nature as though we were there. We can hear great leaders speak to us in our living rooms and we are able to discuss their messages with families, friends and neighbors.  We can view conflicts and confrontations without ever leaving our home. Sadly however some women display themselves as one would look at dairy cows.

We have flush toilets, our garbage is hauled away from our driveways, clothes and dishes are washed with little effort. We are able to pursue any career. With all of the above, people still are not satisfied, and continue to expect more. People display greed, pride, discontent, and anger. They fight with families and  government. No matter what a leader attempts to accomplish or what he or she does we complain and find fault. When parents die, children contend over the parent’s assets showing greed and jealousies seldom reconciled. In most cases the fight is over financial or temporal values that generate lifelong ill feelings. How can families expect to live together forever?

People believe God will redeem them, yet we fail to redeem our differences between siblings and neighbors. “Love thy neighbor as thy self,” is a law, but we do not love siblings and neighbors as ourselves. Communities establish laws to govern who neighbors can be. People want Government to eliminate all refugees from becoming our neighbors. Severance divides race, color, sexual orientation, origination, etc. Utopia, Freedom, Liberty, Zion, are words we seldom use to define personal goals.   History shows all “isms” fail, yet, people continually promote them. What do we want, what are we seeking, or what do we expect? Better yet, what in reality do we need? Actions speak louder than words. Agency is not free, consequences result from every action. History repeats itself and every action extracts payment. It is a new year, what should we making as our priorities?

DeVerl Stoddard, of Sugar City