Dear Editor,

After reading DeVerl Stoddard’s letter in the Oct. 18 Standard Journal, I contacted him and asked that he write a follow up letter to retract incorrect information. He stated he had asked three people to read his letter, and the information was deemed correct.

In his letter, Mr. Stoddard stated that Mr. Waddell, Bruce King, and Joy Ball refused to review the votes and hold another meeting to confirm the previous council’s decision. (They) instead filed a motion for reconsideration to deny Old Farm Estates the right to proceed with their project.

These are the facts:

1. On May 25, 2017, the City Council passed Ordinance 326, approving zone changes in Old Farm Estates #3.

2. In June of 2017, Citizens for the Rule of Law filed a Motion for Reconsideration of the May 25th decision (the motion is attached to the June 19th Sugar City Council minutes). I was not on the city council in 2017. I was not a member of, or even attended any meetings of the Citizens for the Rule of Law group.

3. Meetings held by Vaun, Bruce and I in 2017, were after I made the decision to run for City Council, and we talked about our platform for running together and our five-point pledge to the people. None of that had to do with the Motion for Reconsideration. Those meetings were not illegal.

4. The Motion for Reconsideration went to Judicial Review in September of 2017, after the City Council declined to respond, in spite of the fact that special meetings were scheduled on June 8th and Aug 1st to do so, but were never held. Therefore, those actions had nothing to do with me.

5. All of my actions as a Sugar city Councilwoman (January 11, 2018-April 11, 2019) concerning Old Farm Estates #3 were based on questions concerning State and City Code, not delaying development or causing financial ruin to the developers.

Because of the limitation of words for this letter, I would encourage readers to review my Letter to the Editor of March 16, 2019 and also my letter of resignation given at City Hall on April 11, 2019. I submitted it to the city and asked that it be accepted as part of the public record. The full letter was not included in the newspaper coverage.

Joy Ball of Sugar City