J.J.'s Arizona school reports Lori Vallow logged into school app last week

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REXBURG – J.J. Vallow’s former school, Lauren’s Institute For Education is reporting that J.J.s mother, Lori Vallow, has persisted in signing into the school’s monitoring system despite the fact that she unenrolled J.J. from school in September, states PEOPLE Magazine.

The magazine states that the school’s co-founder and CEO Margaret Travillion has released a statement saying that Lori has continued to sign into classroom via an app.

“It would appear that an application or phone identified as Lori Vallow has been continually monitoring J.J.’s classroom communication system we use between the classroom and the parents, in addition to our organization as a whole,” Travillion said in her statement provided to PEOPLE. “Upon discovering that Lori’s name was used to sign on to this app, the name Lori Vallow has been tracked multiple times since J.J. was unenrolled.”

According to Travillion, Lori allegedly logged into the app around Thanksgiving and Christmas at which time news of J.J. and his older sister, Tylee Ryan, were reported missing by their grandparents, Larry and Kay Woodcock. Thanks to the grandparents' persistence, the story went nationwide.

Travillion told PEOPLE that someone identified as Lori Vallow logged into the school’s app last week.

“We cannot speculate as to why Lori or someone using her accounts or electronics would continue to follow the classroom or our organization during this time frame,” Travillion told PEOPLE.

Travillion told the magazine that J.J. was a good-natured child, and that school officials were “devastated to learn he was missing in early December. … We want to believe he is well and will return home soon.”

The school also provided PEOPLE with an email Lori sent to school officials saying that she was moving out of state because of a job offer. The email was allegedly sent on Sept 5, 2019.

“Since the circumstances in our lives have changed drastically since my husband passed away last month, I have been offered a job out of state and have had to accept it,” she wrote. “We have had to move quickly since the job started ASAP. So I’m sad to inform you that Joshua won’t be returning this year.”

Lori moved to Rexburg in September. It wasn’t known what job, if any, Lori planned to accept. At one point she also claimed to be attending school here.

After arriving in Rexburg, Lori enrolled J.J. at Kennedy Elementary but about two weeks later, unenrolled him. J.J.’s sister, Tylee, didn't attend Madison High School as she graduated from school about a year ago. Neither Tylee nor J.J. have been seen since J.J. left Kennedy Elementary School.

About the time J.J. left Kennedy, he stopped communicating with the Woodcocks, which he had done several times a day on a regular basis. After not hearing from him or Tylee, the Woodcocks contacted Rexburg police who did a welfare check on the children. Lori told officers that J.J. was with relatives in Arizona, and when that proved to be false, police returned to Lori’s home that she shared with new husband, Chad Daybell. Police found the couple had fled. Police later located the newlyweds in Hawaii.

Last month, a Madison County Judge ordered Lori to return her children to Rexburg, but she refused to do so. The couple remains in Hawaii.

Chad Daybell married Lori about two weeks after his first wife, Tammy Daybell, died of what was initially deemed to be natural causes. The Woodcocks believe that Lori and Chad were involved in a romantic relationship while married to their respective – and now deceased – spouses. The newlyweds may have bonded over their shared interest in doomsday philosophies of which Chad had written books about.

Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, killed Lori's husband, Charles Vallow, in July during an alleged domestic dispute. Cox died in December of causes still under investigation. Lori's third husband, Joseph Ryan, and Tylee's father, died of a heart attack in 2018 and was cremated. Between Chad and Lori, they have three dead former spouses who have died recently.

After the Fremont County Sheriff’s office learned of Chad’s quick re-marriage and Lori’s missing children, it ordered Tammy’s body exhumed from a Springville Cemetery in December. It has been nearly two months since the autopsy was performed. It’s not known when the results will be released.

The Woodcocks have been in Rexburg three times since their grandchildren’s disappearance where they’ve held two press conferences and offered a $20,000 award. On Wednesday, they met with law enforcement, the Madison County Prosecutor and a judge to discuss seeking custody of J.J. once he is returned. No decision was made, but the Woodcocks said they would be returning to Rexburg to discuss the custody issue.

The story has garnered national attention, and tonight Dateline NBC’s Keith Morrison plans to discuss the case during a program called “Where are the children?” at 9 p.m. Eastern Time and 8 p.m. Central Time.