police lights

ISLAND PARK – Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputies retrieved a camera from an Island Park public restroom over the weekend.

“Last weekend, we were looking for a suspect in voyeurism,” reported Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries. “Somebody saw the camera and called and complained about it. It was found in a unisex bathroom.”

The bathroom is similar to those found at campgrounds, Humphries said.

Because it is an open case, Humphries couldn’t go into many details. He warned residents to be cautious whenever using a public bathroom, as it’s possible for someone to place a camera inside bathroom stalls.

“People need to be cautious no matter where they are, and what they’re doing. Listen to the news. People are finding cameras in Airbnb’s, hotel and motel rooms,” he said.

Humphries noted that there have been past reports of cameras found in Brigham Young University-Idaho students’ homes.

“I know on campus, there have been problems with cameras in apartments. People need to be aware of what’s going on around them,” he said.

The most recent case reported occurred in 2017 when female BYU-Idaho students found a camera in their bathroom. It was later discovered that the fiancé of one of the girls had placed it there. The couple didn’t get married, and the young man involved was sentenced to a five-years of probation.

As for the Island Park restroom, it wasn’t known if any victims’ pictures had been retrieved from the camera. The incident remains under investigation.

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