Fremont County only issuing CDL's, offering to help those in need get prescriptions

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ST. ANTHONY – The Fremont County Sheriff’s office is asking residents not to seek a driver’s license right now unless they need one for work.

“We’ve significantly cut back on our driver’s license service. We’re getting inundated by everybody outside the county. We can’t deal with that unless they have an absolute emergency and need a CDL,” said Sheriff Len Humphries.

He reminded residents that should their driver’s license expire in the near future they have 90 days to get it renewed. They can also get the license updated online at Those renewing their license need to have their social security number, name as it’s listed on the driver’s license and their birthdate. A previous driver's license picture will be used, and the license will be mailed to drivers.

Humphries also announced that the sheriff’s office is willing to help those stuck at home and needing various items such as prescriptions and groceries.

“We’ll be offering that service if people are in need of things and can’t do it themselves,” he said. "We will pick up what they need from the pharmacy or the grocery store. They need to contact their pharmacist and the grocery store for payment arrangements." 

The sheriff also stated that he held a conference call with Fremont County mayors and emergency workers to put a plan into place to help should the COVID-19 virus impact the county.

The plan included who county officials needed to contact and how to contact them.

“Everybody had an opportunity to express what they’re doing as far as preparations are concerned. Everybody is on the same page, and what the plans are going to be as far as Fremont County concerns,” he said. “We have to do more because of the virus. We have a plan in place to get information.”

The group plans to meet once a month but will meet once a week should it be deemed necessary. Should there be issues, the county is prepared to handle it, Humphries said.

For more information on driver’s licenses or those in need of assistance may call the sheriff’s office at 208-624-4482.