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ASHTON – The Forest Service is advising residents to be cautious as they venture along the South Boone Trail. The trail is about 20 miles east of Ashton.

The trail recently suffered fire leaving unstable trees, and any kind of wind might knock the trees down, reported Forest Service media official Sarah Wheeler.

“There are some burnt trees in the area. Anytime you’ve burned something, it’s not structurally sound. We’re not closing the area, but people have got to use some common sense. It’s not a huge recreational trail, but it does get used by hunters a lot,” she said.

Started by a lightning strike on Aug. 16, the fire didn’t cause any injuries or evacuations. The fire burned 117 acres.

“Considering the increased moisture over the next few days and reduced fire activity, we felt it appropriate to allow the public back into the area,” reported Liz Davy, Ashton-Island Park District Ranger. “However we strongly urge the public to be cautious and cognizant of their surroundings if they choose to access the South Boone Trail.”

It’s expected that the fire will continue to smolder, Wheeler said.

“You might still see some minor smoke as the weather dries out. In two weeks, as it stops raining and dries out, a little bit of smoke may be popping up in the interior somewhere,” she said.

The Forest Service plans to continue monitoring the weather and fuel conditions of the Boone Fire in an effort to predict the fires spread until it’s complete extinguished.

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