Emergency Food Distribution at MJHS on Wednesday

(Courtesy photo)

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REXBURG – The Idaho Food Bank and the Rexburg Mobile Food Pantry have joined forces to hold an emergency food distribution on Wednesday. It’s expected that the group will provide 450 boxes of food for residents seeking the help.

According to Jessica Goudy, one of the founders of the Rexburg Mobile Food Pantry, the two groups will offer the food from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesday, at the Madison Jr. High School’s parking lot. Anyone who is found waiting to get in line at 4 p.m., will be asked to leave.

“As many of you know, last Tuesday, for the first time in six years, we had to cancel our food distribution. It was really hard for a lot of us. Right now is a time when many of you could use that extra help,” she said.

Goudy also asked that only those who needing food, take advantage of the food distribution.

“Please only come out if you have a current/ongoing food insecurity. This is not the chance to bulk up your food storage,” she said. “We’ve been working hard with the Idaho Food Bank trying to figure out a way to get some food into our community,” she said.

Those needing the food are asked to enter at east second north and then turn into the school’s parking lot.

“You will follow all the way around to the back of the parking lot where your smiling happy volunteers will be distributing the food. You will exit the same way you entered,” Goudy said.

The two organizations have created guidelines for those seeking food as well as for those providing the food. Ten volunteers, wearing gloves and protective gear, will distribute the food.

Goudy asked that those seeking the food to stay in their cars until they pull up to the food distribution location.

“You must be able and willing to open your own door, or trunk so the food can be placed in, after which, you will close the door/trunk/tailgate,” she said. “If you cannot do this, please plan to bring someone with you who can do this. Our volunteers are under strict guidelines to not touch patrons, patrons’ cars, or items in patrons’ cars.”

Those receiving the food, need to clear a place in their cars for the boxes as doing so will save volunteers time. In the past, the Rexburg Food Bank has had its loading crew do this, but because of group size limitations, it won’t be able to.

Volunteers won’t be allowed to touch the inside of cars except when placing food boxes in. They also won’t be able to move items around inside the car. A spot needs to be cleared by the car’s owner.

“Pushing a button or getting out and opening a door, we need for that to be done by you. Our volunteers will not be permitted to touch your car other than setting the food in,” she said.

Goudy also asked that those who are ill, to send someone else to pick up a box for them.

During this food distribution, no one will be asked to fill out the traditional paper work where they’ve been asked their age, number of family members and where they heard about the food drive. Visitors are only allowed to go through the food line one time.

“Numbers will not be given out. However, due to the extreme demand and need at this time, you are only limited to pick up for you and one other household,” she said.

Goudy thanked the Idaho Food Bank, local food bank volunteers, Madison Jr. High School and Madison School District for their help.

““So, in order to make this work, we need you to follow these (rules) to the T to keep us all safe and to make this run smoothly with such limited volunteer power,” she said. "We beg of you to adhere to these guidelines to make this a smooth safe night for all of us,” Goudy said.

For more information on the emergency food distribution visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/rexburgmfp/