St. Anthony Trinity Lutheran Church's mission to serve the community

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In the New Testament, Christ often urges his followers to “Feed My Sheep.”

St. Anthony’s Trinity Lutheran Church is following that missive literally by donating to a weekly food pantry run by fellow St. Anthony Church, the Upper Valley Bible Church.

Plans call to provide around $250 worth of food to the pantry. The money comes via a donation provided by Thrivent Financial that urges its customers — many of whom are Trinity Lutheran Church members — to share the wealth.

“Thrivent takes their profits and returns them to communities. They like to spend money if we can think of projects to do for them. They would rather let us have the money. It helps the community,” said Trinity Lutheran Church Minister Alan Nedrow.

It’s wonderful to help another church that does so much for the Upper Valley, Nedrow said.

“The food bank is a terrific thing. People need it so much and especially now. We’re happy to help them. They’re God’s people, and we’re God’s people,” he said.

The St. Anthony Trinity Lutheran Church is comprised of about a dozen members who plan to shop St. Anthony’s Broulim’s to buy items for the food pantry. From there, food pantry officials will provide food to an estimated 900 people every month. The Upper Valley Bible Church holds its food pantry at 5 p.m., every Monday, at the church located at 825 W. Fourth North.

Upper Valley Bible Church minister Pastor Chris Isaacs says that the Lutheran Church’s food will come in handy. It’s all about sharing with those in need, he said.

“It feels great. It’s a good feeling. It does help us. It’s a community thing. It’s not just a church thing. It’s BYU-Idaho students and missionaries (helping) at times. It’s a community effort,” he said.

The St. Anthony Trinity Lutheran Church formed about 10 years ago when Ashton Trinity Lutheran Church officials noted a then large number of Lutherans living in St. Anthony. Concerns about the parishioners having to drive back and forth prompted Ashton Church officials to create the St. Anthony one.

Nedrow and John Grubb take turns ministering to the St. Anthony congregation at 10:30 every Sunday morning at the church located at 48 E 1st North. The ministers also broadcast the meeting via Facebook to those who can’t attend the weekly meeting.

Nedrow says he greatly enjoys being a minister.

“I think people need to hear God’s words. It’s encouraging when I can deliver it to them. God’s forgiveness is probably the most important thing we all need. Anything we’ve done, we can repent of,” he said.


“Look at the Apostle Paul. (He) did more to harm Christians than anybody else, and he repented and became an apostle — a person of Christ,” Nedrow said.

Paul stopped persecuting Christians after Jesus appeared to him on his way to Damascus. From that moment on, Paul became a devout Christian and later an apostle.

“God can change people. There’s no doubt in my mind,” he said.

Ashton’s John Scafe serves as the St. Anthony Trinity Lutheran Church’s Congregation President. In that position, he helps with maintenance and assists the pastors.

“I just take care of a lot of stuff. If somebody has a program they want to do, I say ‘yes,’ or ‘no,’” he said.

Scafe finds his church service most rewarding.

“It’s the fellowshipping with other people. It’s just learning more about God’s word,” he said.

Scafe says he’s happy to help with the food pantry, and says that one church helping another is the Christian thing to do. There is no rivalry or arguments over theology, just a desire to help feed the community, he said.

“We are so willing to help out another congregation,” he said.

Part of the church’s mission is to serve residents in the region. Helping the food pantry is one way to do that, Scafe said.

“We’re blessed to be able to do it. That’s why we get to do it. It’s for the community,” he said.

For more information on the St. Anthony Lutheran Church call 208-624-0357.