Police reports are provided by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, the Rexburg Police Department and the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office. This log is broken down by county and city and is a compiled list of incidents.


April 8

Police received a call from a complainant who told officers that someone broke into his apartment and sprayed Pumpkin Spice Febreze into his $1,200 computer. As a result, the computer stopped working. The victim told officers that he kept the Febreze bottle in hopes officers could find fingerprints.

April 9

Officers received a call about a vehicle being vandalized. The person complained that the perpetrator rubbed dirt onto the hood and wrote expletives on the hood.

April 10

Police took a phone call from a victim who responded to a phone call allegedly from the government about bugging his phone and tracking his movement. The victim gave the caller his address and a $1,750 Walmart gift card. The victim also told police that his wallet had been stolen two years previously.

April 11

Police received a call from a reporting party stating that someone from Utah was driving by their home and taking pictures. The person calling said that an older gentleman with a gray beard was driving and taking photos.

A person called officers to complain about someone calling and asking for the person’s Medicare number. The person told police that the Medicare number was provided and was told by the caller that a doctor would call them back.

April 12

Police responded to Deseret Industries where officials there reported that more than 200 pallets had been stolen from the back parking lot. Police planned to review video taken that day.


April 9

Officers responded to a report of a dirty house where a young child lived. The report stated that there were dogs and feces inside the house.


April 9

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call where a house had been robbed. A television and Xbox are missing. The home was a mess. The complainant said she hadn’t lived in the home for a year as she had been taking care of a relative.


April 9

A person called the Sheriff’s office to report that the top of a power pole was broken and sparking next to the Rankin Hotel and behind the white cabins.

April 10

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call from a man who reported being told that a man was at his residence looking through things and taking pictures. The reporting party asked deputies to check his home as he was at work.


April 10

A person called Sheriff’s deputies to complain about a red Dodge blocking the entry way of a construction site. The reporting party believes the individual driving the truck is wolf hunting and is not acting normal. The reporting party believes the person is from out of town. The person provided some footage of the event.


April 13

A person called the Sheriff’s office complaining about the windows in a vehicle and horse trailer being shot out.

April 13

Police arrived at an apartment where a formerly engaged couple was arguing about what to do with items they had purchased for their wedding. The couple agreed with officers to talk about it the next day.

Officers responded to an apartment about a suspicious male knocking on an apartment door late at night. Police later learned that the man accidentally went to the wrong apartment that was a part of the same building where he lived. No citations were issued.

Police responded to a swimming pool where someone complained that the instructor was being aggressive. Police later learned that the swimming lesson involved survival swimming. The child’s parents knew about the situation and told officers that the practices were safe.

April 14

Police noted that a parking garage had been egged. Officers documented the incident and planned to work with property owners about the situation.

Police took a report of a hit and run incident at Walmart. The reporting party told police that the person who hit the car left behind $30 but no note. Officers reviewed video footage and noted a silver vehicle hitting the car in question. Police obtained a photograph of the car and the person driving it.