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I am writing about an issue which has concerned me for some time. I moved to Rexburg three years ago and was drawn in by the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of the local community. I am a resident of Brenchley South Apartments. As such, that means I am a member of a vulnerable population. Although I am just 44, I suffer with Multiple Sclerosis and several other physical conditions which leave me primarily wheelchair bound and unable to work. Since I have lived here, one thing I have noticed is that as a general rule, we are a population which is generally only remembered by the community around Christmas when we are needed to make others feel as though they are doing their Christmas duties by remembering the poor. Otherwise we are ignored despite situations in which our safety is at higher risk than the general public.

For example, throughout this extremely harsh winter, when our parking lot was particularly dangerous to navigate - and it must be understood that most of us use mobility aids - the snow and ice was only attended to twice. By then it was so compacted it could not be removed. People have fallen and terribly injured themselves. When complaints were issued, we were patronized. I put myself through college and two graduate programs and hold two advanced degrees. I live here because I am sick, not because I am stupid or lazy. Others are here because they are elderly and have lived through wars and history and deserve respect for what they have gone through. This community ought to do better to protect their most vulnerable neighbors.

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