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The huge quarter-page cartoon of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) featured in last Friday’s edition of the Standard Journal was nasty and very inappropriate. It stood out like a sore thumb. The caricature depicts the conservative congressman from Florida as having a long nose where he lying about his denial of being a sex offender.

A federal investigation of Gaetz’s alleged misdeeds just recently began where it is way too early to determine whether or not he is guilty.

Cartoonist Andy Marlette acted prematurely where he’s assuming that Gaetz is culpable of the heinous crime of sexual contacts with young ladies.

Whatever happened to the judicial concept of “innocent until proven guilty?” Marlette should be aware of that phrase by restraining himself.

In a few weeks from now if Gaetz is found guilty, then the Marlette cartoon would be appropriate to be published at that time.

How about Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY)?

At least eight credible ladies have accused him of sexual harassment. Even leading Democrats from New York State say that Cuomo has to resign.

Perhaps Marlette would be better off by producing a similar cartoon, but this time spotlighting Cuomo’s apparent felonious assaults against innocent woman.

Bob Ziel