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It took our nation’s women 70 years to earn the right to vote, and this year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of that event. But for the Madison County Republican Women, that right is being challenged.

At the upcoming Madison County Republican Central Committee meeting committee members will be voting on bylaws to eliminate the president of the Madison County Republican Women as a voting member of the Central and Executive committees.

The position of president of the Madison County Republican Women has had a seat and voting rights on the Central and Executive committees in the past and still does at the Idaho Republican Party and other GOP County Central Committees, including in Fremont and Jefferson counties.

The mission statement of the Madison County Republican Central Committee includes its purpose “to build and strengthen the Republican Party from the grassroots up…and promote Republican Unity.” The recommendation to remove the Republican Women President directly contradicts that goal.

Madison County Republican Women have helped the Republican Party in in Madison County in many ways, such as reporting Republican events and activities, helping build floats, hosting forums, getting out the vote, sponsoring essay contests, and writing state rules and resolutions.

Central Committee officials have emphasized their desire to encourage a “big tent” that involves all Republicans. Why the disenfranchisement?

At the the Idaho Republican Women’s State Convention, the governor, a senator, congressmen, and GOP chairman praised the work of the Republican Women organization and the vital role it plays.

The recommendation to the Central Committee disregards that backing and frankly comes as a low blow. Perhaps the committee doesn’t agree with the conservative views of the current president and wants to muzzle her, but I thought local party officials believed in respecting everyone’s opinion.

The Central Committee (your elected precinct leaders and elected and appointed officials) will debate and possibly vote on this recommendation at its October meeting.

Contact your precinct leader and/or the County Chair, Adrian Baird at 208-201-2315 or, and help celebrate the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage. Request that Republican Women of Madison County keep its vote on the Central Committees November 19 in the County Courthouse.