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The Mayor of St. Anthony has made some statements regarding my property at 650 S. Second E. I, Lorraine Taylor, will respond to his comments.

In regards to our home and a permit, in September 2019 a cease work notice was put on our house, requiring I go get a permit from the city. My contractor went to the city to inquire about one. He was denied the permit pending payment of the $1,300 bill by the city for their clean-up. Winter was here so I boarded up our home to wait until spring. In the spring I started to work on our home. Everything done on our home did not require a permit. It was my understanding that the objective of the city was for me to work on and fix up our home so the nuisance ordinance would be satisfied. This is what I was doing. A city worker said in April, “there is nothing she can do to stop us from tearing down her house.” I would do it again, because they did not take an old grey house, they took a yellow house that was obviously being worked on.

To this date I have not received an official notice stating they would be at my property, as such I had no idea they would be coming on Oct. 28. Therefore given no time for preparation in any direction.

Our home and the garage were never noted in any notices from the city. All notices were satisfied and dismissed. No fines were ever issued against our property.

The issue of the mold in the house was my responsibility and taken care of accordingly. The nuisance ordinance pertains to the outside of the house and has nothing to do with the inside. Therefore, the mold was irrelevant to the nuisance ordinance that this whole issue was based on.

This is not all about taking our home. It is about taking away a basic human right. The right to own your own property and home. It may have been just a house to them, but it was ours. My sense of security, my sanctuary, and my peace of mind was taken from me. I used to love living in St. Anthony, now I feel a deep disappointment and sadness. When I enter the city a feeling of anxiety comes over me. I can rebuild a home, replace my lilacs, but I can never forget how I was mistreated.

I do not know what the city gained from this, but I can tell you what they lost. The respect of not only myself, but so many others.

This is not a pity party, this is a call for justice.