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I"m writing this letter to the editor to inform the citizens of our community of the need for transportation for people with disabilities and senior individuals and to ask for help in convincing our community leaders to do something in a timely manner. If you happen to read this, please inform your family, neighbors and friends that are in the community of this need.

Over a year and a half ago I approached the Rexburg City Council about transportation needs of these individuals. I did this because I was a driver for Targhee Regional Public Transportation Authority (TRPTA), the public transportation system that picked these individuals up to go to medical appointments and to fill other needs. I knew people needed help. Later I then started to drive for another organization to supply transportation for medicaid participants. I regularly saw the people I picked up with TRPTA and they expressed a need for help. In October of 2020 another effort was made to get transportation help. A petition with 85 signatures from community members (none were university students) was given to the City of Rexburg to supply transportation. The city says they have done a study to determine the demand. It seems that this process is continually being drawn out.

Please read Alma 34:28 and encourage the city and county leaders to get something done soon since we are in the winter season.


Concerned Community Member

Randy Rhead