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Dear editor,

Where is the representation of the people in 2021 Legislative Session? You do not seem to represent me, or even listen to me.

In Mr. Doyle Beck's letter that was published in the Post Register on April 20, he stated there had been a “66% increase in the last 10 years” in education. Thank goodness! Think back to why we had to increase. In 2008, the Idaho legislature changed the way of funding for education. It worked when times were good, but we then hit the financially crash and funding bottomed out. Every district struggled with cuts and creative ways to try and keep teachers earning enough money to live. It was a very difficult time.

Because the good people of Idaho stepped up and districts passed levies to do locally what they could to keep teachers in the classrooms. Then in 2016, there was glimmers of hope that Idaho would fund education as it should be. We had faith that the legislators were moving in the direction where teachers could come and teach a be able to pay their bills. In fact, a few years ago the career ladder was established and this made us think that good teachers would be retained in our schools.

2021 came with great hope with COVID leaving and schools getting back to normal. But there has been more disappointment and division then ever. The representation of the voice of the people seems to have diminished. It seems the Freedom Foundation is the voice being listened to. Thanks to the strong men and women in office who have not been swayed by the “grade” they receive from the Freedom Foundation or vote according to the plus/minus rating on the bills being considered.

In March, our school district passed a supplement levy and a plant facility levy by 73%. This should be a good indicator to the value placed on education. Let other districts look at their school support, as should our state legislators.

Lastly, CHILDREN are the number one resource of Idaho. EDUCATION is the tool that grows children. TEACHERS are the key for a good education. Our children need to be represented in our state government.

Julianne Hill

St. Anthony