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By telephone, 30 Sept., 2021, I individually asked each of the nine candidates running for Rexburg City Council to answer “Yes” or “No” to the following three questions: (1) Have you personally received the covid vaccine?, (2) Do you wear a mask (including over your nose) in congested areas such as churches, stores and other crowded places?, and (3) Do you believe Joe Biden won the national presidential election?

Here are the collective answers. Please note that when a candidate would NOT give me a clear and straight answer, I counted it as a “W”, or waffling. Question #1: Five “Yes” and Four “No”. Question #2: Two “Yes”, Five “No” and Two “W”. Question #3: One “Yes”, Four “No” and Four “W”.

My brief comments on the results: I believe how a candidate answered these three questions says everything about their mindset and how they will think, conduct themselves and vote on crucial as well as mundane issues that are pertinent for the best welfare of Rexburg residents. I am sad and disappointed that only one candidate gave a solid “Yes” on all three questions. Moreover, I’m afraid the other eight candidates are a cross sectional mindset of Rexburg residents! For active LDS, follow your Prophet and believe in religion AND science. For all Rexburg citizens, follow the facts and accept the results of the presidential election which was verified by all fifty states --- Democrat or Republican leaning.


Roy H. Marlowe, Ph.D.