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Dear editor,

Road rage has taken to the skies above America. The FAA reports more than 2,500 events of unruly behavior on airplanes since January 1, 2020.

A couple of thoughts about this. Are we so entitled as a people, and so angry, that no space is sacred any longer, not even space itself?

Are we taking our dearest freedoms—speech, press, religion, assembly—so for granted that we must find new ones to amuse ourselves with? Like the freedom to threaten people with our potentially deadly breath, even in a confined space in an epidemic?

This new freedom for the skies is like the freedom we are asserting on earth to purchase and use military-style assault weapons against our personal enemies. We must have it!

No one must stand in our way! We are free, we are great, we are Americans!

On the other hand, this crime statistic might simply say that American middle-class ignorance and surliness has far overtaken everything families, churches, workplaces, and the law have tried to teach us from the beginning.


Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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