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Dear editor:

One of the great articles of faith of the Republican Party is that we believe in local control. We absolutely chafe at big government shoving their one size fits all solutions into local problems. A one size fits all solution in one place really does not fit in all other situations.

A second Republican article of faith is we support business and then some. Whatever local businesses want, we give it to them. After all, if local businesses prosper the whole community prospers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our society into a real turmoil. Parts of the state have few cases. Other parts of the state have COVID hot spots. There is no rhyme or reason to this infection. Some people have no symptoms, yet others succumb quickly from the disease.

Mr. Ron Nate's latest stunt on the steps of the Idaho capital shows just how out of step he is with these two Republican articles of faith. Mr. Nate has called for the state legislature to hold a special session to ban all kinds of mask and vaccine mandates by any and all businesses, governments, schools and hospitals?

Mr. Nate, when you have surgery do the doctors wear masks? How about the nurses, surgery technicians and anesthesiologists? Do you demand that they take off their masks? How will your mask mandate ban affect them? Mr. Nate, when you eat at a local restaurant do you demand that the kitchen staff NOT have hepatitis shots.

Mr. Nate is out of touch with reality and the Republican Party. Republicans like to use the term RINO to call out others that they feel are liberals who masquerade as Republicans to get elected but then vote with the left. They call them Republicans in name only. Mr. Nate is a RINO of a different color. He is a libertarian masquerading as a Republican.

Idaho Legislative District #34 deserves a change. Let’s let local schools, governments, businesses and hospitals determine what is best for them.

J. Blair Moncur

Idaho Falls