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Dear Editor,

A YES vote is the best way to say THANK YOU to our teachers and staff in our schools. On March 9,2021 Fremont County registered voters can go to the polls to vote for a two-year supplemental and 10-year Plant Facility levy. Both are up for renewal.

Our schools have been on the front lines of the pandemic. Within a matter of days of the Covid-19 shutdown our teachers transitioned from teaching in the classroom to online. The children’s learning was different, but it continued. They wanted and were anxious to have the students in their seats. Since opening in the fall the schools have never stopped teaching. Food services worked while the kids were in and out of school providing meals for families. Bus drivers learned to take temperatures and sanitize buses as they encouraged social distancing the best they could. The custodial staff worked overtime to follow all government regulations to keep doors open.

Trying to keep life as “normal” as possible for the participant, extracurricular activities have gone forward. Cross country, soccer, volleyball, football all practiced and played. Now teams are wrestling, boys, and girls basketball are finishing up their seasons. Drama, music, and school clubs also enjoyed performing and competitions.

The two-year supplemental levy will help pay salaries, keep programs and curriculum, and school supplies. The 10-year plant facility will keep our schools and grounds safe, maintained, and repaired. Please show your support, confidence, and appreciation by voting yes. For more information go to the school district website at or on Fremont School District facebook page.

Rick and Julianne Hill

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