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Idaho is poised for a very bright and clean future because our state is already blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and resources. We are the envy of many other states. One of our greatest assets includes a significant capacity to produce agricultural products that will meet our nation’s needs long into the future. Yet we can only do so if we are able to preserve and protect the environment that we all live in and depend on.

One of the ways we can ensure a sustainable future for Idaho and our farmers is by quickly passing the Growing Climate Solutions Act (GCSA). This bill, recently reintroduced with Senator Mike Crapo as a cosponsor, will help create consistency and reliability for ag producers who want to participate in carbon markets by creating a certification program within the US Department of Agriculture.

My sincere thanks go out to Senator Crapo for seeing the value in farmer-friendly legislation, like the GCSA, that seeks to leverage the power of the free market to address a changing climate.

Tyler Hurst

Star, Idaho