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Dear editor,

I don’t know about you, but I have a list of popular American traditions I think are messed-up.

How about Friday night TV true crime murder mysteries? Why are we wasting our time watching this stuff, when there’s plenty of crime in the immediate neighborhood to concern ourselves with.

Fourth of July. Yep, plastic patriotism. Fireworks during drought, sappy country music, and no real citizenship by the parade watchers or concert-goers before or after the festivities.

Bottled water.

Engagement diamonds. Buying lifetime service from a woman, guys? I know, you love the rock too ladies, but a waste of money at the start of expensive family life.

Gravesite flowers. Expressing remorse at being wayward children? Why not try to be more like your parents instead? They can’t smell the flowers.

Daytime soap operas and daytime game shows, with self-absorbed characters and outlandishly excitable contestants.

The vaccine privacy movement. Why should we shield public health outlaws who are a bad example to the youth and a threat to all?

Business advertisements repeated endlessly, especially on prime time TV, and especially for Boomer medicines. Can’t drug companies just inform doctors about the new stuff that works?


Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah