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To whom it may concern,

I am a parent of two children who have attended BYU-I for their education and for the most part they have been welcomed into your community. With the mess of this Corona virus outbreak many things have had an abrupt change, one being the university going online. This is a huge learning curve for all and some of the students that didn’t see this coming have already signed contracts with the apartment complexes for next semester.  Not everyone can adapt to the online learning, especially when it involves the sciences and labs....they want the college experience.

The apartment owners SHOULD let these kids out of NEXT semesters contract! Some of these kids work there butts off to be there and you apartment owners are taking full advantage of this situation! Shame on you! Shame on your company making money off these kids trying to make a life! I really hope that there is something, someone who can stand up for these kids! I am not a lawyer and can’t afford one, but maybe some will see this and put pressure where it is needed.

Teri Winland of Lovell Wyoming.