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Dear Editor,

My law firm does extensive work in Water Rights and Water Resources. In Fact, the firm’s founding Partner, Ray Rigby, was known as “Mr. Water” for most of his 60+ year career. I have been practicing for 40+ years and have primarily focused on the same water rights and water resources, including a 16 year appointment to the Idaho Water Resource Board. It is because of this focus, that I am writing today in order to encourage the voters of District 34B to vote for the incumbent, Britt Raybould, in the upcoming State Representative election.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t deem it necessary to write this piece for the newspaper. However, as important it is to fight the legal battles in order to protect the water rights of the Upper Snake River Valley from the many who want the water to be left in the River and the aquifer for down river uses, it is equally important to have legislators in the state legislature who understand the importance of protecting our water rights but also have the knowhow of fending off legislation which would diminish our rights. Those rights are not just the farmers but also the cities and everyone who uses water pumped from the aquifer.

Unfortunately, we are losing the number of legislators who are truly qualified to fight our water battles and win with their numbers. As our great “water” leaders in the legislature retire and the downstream urban populations increase, thus taking away our voting numbers, we are becoming less of a voting power for water in eastern Idaho.

Because I spend every year dealing with legislative bills impacting our water rights, I know that Britt Raybould is more than qualified to stand up and protect our water rights, just as she has been doing to date. She comes from a family that has been instrumental in the protection of eastern Idaho water rights for almost as many years as my firm has worked in this arena. She has the ability to work with other legislators in order to get the job done as opposed to her opponent who only knows how to vote NO and has but a handful of legislators who are even willing to work with him.

Therefore, I urge you to keep Britt Raybould in the Legislature.

Jerry R. Rigby