Madison School District construction projects on schedule

Madison High School’s new gym — it’s third- during construction. 

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Please vote NO on your Official Election Mail Ballot Madison 321 Operational Levy that has been sent out to you. Your ballot must be received by the County Clerk by 8:00 pm on Tuesday August 25, 2020.

If you do not mail in your Official Mail Ballot, you have automatically voted for the levy.

Reasons to vote NO:

Covid-19 impact on the future economy is uncertain. Yet personal savings rate hit a historic 33% in April,2020 according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Madison school district 321 should have accumulated savings. The school buses did not operate. School buildings were closed. Spring sports and travel to Boise for high school activities were canceled.

Any homeowner knows that he cannot live or survive on borrowings. He must have a budget that includes savings and live within it. The same law applies to businesses and school districts.

Madison School District 321 operational expenses should be kept within a budget and not depend on a levy.

Asking for a levy is legal but is not moral or correct. A levy is legalized plunder

Governments exist to secure the right and control of property to each individual property owner.

Since only a very few voters vote in a school levy, a minority controls the majority. It is taxation without representation.

The Madison school district 321 is not transparent with their budget. There should be an online site for the citizens to see the actual expenses.

Alternatives to increase savings and live within a budget without regularly seeking a levy.

1. The school district owns city property that could be sold for a marketable price and used for savings and future needs.

2. The school bus routes can be minimized by mathematical methods such as critical path method to increase savings.

3. Madison County is growing in population and property owners. As a result, the school district is receiving more operational money.

Please turn in your mail in ballot and vote NO on the levy. Let’s invite the administration of Madison school district 321 to live a higher law by establishing a budget and living within it. We can unite and follow this commonsense practice. What is good for the individual is good for the administration of Madison school district 321.

Boyd and Terri Cardon